We dedicate ourselves every day to recreate the global financial market through technology and innovation

It is more than 6 years of growing and constant results. In order to that, we let it speak for us

A Blockchain technology enthusiastic team, dedicated to creating cutting-edge new global solutions and promising investment in D'Apps

About us

ALDAMAX is a company based in Dubai , which is changing everything that has been done until today in traditional and blockchain markets. Our highly qualified partners buy and sell currencies, carry out operations on the largest markets in the world such as Forex and Cryptocurrencies. In addition to that, Aldamax has its own ecosystem called TheMig that allows you to use, send and receive TMG cryptocurrency, as well as make instant purchases of products and services through the latest generation global Marketplace.




Credibility generate growth


Active businesses in 50+ countries




6000%+ expected by 2023

Our board

we present:

Diego Gomide

Chief Marketing Officer

Diego Gomide Barbosa, Italian-Brazilian, 33 years old, dedicated his life to studies in Belgium, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in foreign trade and an MBA in Marketing.

With experience in the debt market, he held large positions for over 10 years in financial institutions in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and currently holds the position of CMO at Aldamax.

Karim Bhanji

Chief Network Officer

Karim Alnoor Bhanji, a businessman with extensive experience in the international market, through his family companies with large and successful businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry.

For more than a decade, he directed his expertise to the Arab market, where he created great alliances and for his credibility and know-how in large businesses, he was entrusted to join the Board of Aldamax.

Action markets

Has come to revolutionize the most profitable markets in the world


Market with the highest volume of money in the world.


The biggest financial revolution of the XXI century for the global market


Two novelties that together form a wide range of businesses

Help us to help

Alda Social is a non-profit organization that aims to help people in extreme poverty by providing support and supplies of basic needs, and creating opportunities for a dignified life

Real feedbacks, from real people

"Aldamax brought an opportunity that I had never seen before, when I needed it most. I can only thank you! In times of global pandemic, online work has changed my life."

- Jorge Velásquez (Spain)

"I believe that Aldamax promotes a quality product and always delivers more than it promises, from small to big customers. I feel happy and satisfied!"

- Nasir Al (Dubai)

Your successful, our reputation

Are we going to participate in a big plan together?

Use the MLM model for 3 years to increase the turnover as we want to form the largest private exchange ever seen in the world and have a similar position to financial institutions by operating in all sectors in advance.

After 3 years our math experts predict that we will reach the maximum number of people in the system. At this stage we will close the MLM, as it will begin to compromise the financial structures of the company due to the infinite binary bonus. After MLM closes, we will continue to share our products and services with the affiliates with other bonuses.

  • Pre-marketing 2020, 22 May
    Start of commercial operations with public stakes in Aldamax.
  • Pre-launch 2020, 01 Dec
    News, improvements and new proprietary platforms are made public.
  • Official Launch 2021, May
    A big event in dubai will bring together the main leaders and the corporate.

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